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Ministry will give special attention to exploiting advantages of free trade with the EU and export of services - Trade representative of Ukraine Nataliya Mykol’ska

Special priority in a work with exporters will be given to maximal exploiting of advantages of free trade with the EU, work with small and medium business and services export. This was pointed out at the Forum “Export: the Second Breathe” by the Deputy Minister – Trade representative Nataliya Mykol’ska.

“The important line is to stress on services export. Now it amounts to 17% from the general volume of Ukrainian export, as a rule, in those countries with balanced approach to goods and services export, it makes up 25-30%. The Ministry will give more attention to services exporters. And this is not only about the IT sector; it’s also about educational, touristic, medical and other services. Of course, it’s necessary to develop infrastructure, introduce changes in business climate, in order this business operates not through off-shore companies, but anyway we think that a significant attention should be given to services export”, Nataliya Mykol’ska told.

The Trade representative of Ukraine also specified several main principles to be followed by MEDT in its further work. First of all this is a principle of efficiency.

“There are a lot of mechanisms which were not used at all or were used precious few by business. These are intergovernmental and interdepartmental commissions, negotiations on free trade areas and involvement thereof into business, we have mechanisms of visits of our officials to other countries. Our task is lobbying of our country trade interests in each visit of our Minister, prime Minister or other official”, she emphasized.

The next principle is transparency. In particular, comprehensive process of making decisions by the Government and establishment of right priorities after consultations with business.

Equally important is work with small and medium enterprises, not neglecting at that the interests of large enterprises.  

One more priority is domination of field interests, but not separate enterprises’ interests, as it happens in the whole world where industrial associations are in force and form the trade policy.

“I call you for interconnection and give propositions to the Ministry not related to separate enterprises, but to the whole field interests.  It facilitates out task and accelerates a process of decisions-making”, the Deputy Minister told.

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